Monday, June 22, 2009

So maybe i am a 15?? This is sad

Ok. Give me a break here. Just because i'm 23 does not mean that i can not enjoy the occassional barely legal boy band, right? Well too bad. Here is my new obsession! It is the band that is no longer together called NLT. Here is how i discovered them:

I was watching the Pilot of the BEST NEW SHOW called GLEE and i was curious if i had seen any of the characters in anything else. so i went on my new favorite webstie, (internation movie database, I KNOW, AMAZING) and looked their past entertainment histories. I looked up Kevin Mchale who plays Artie (the kid in the wheelchair) and it said something along these lines:

"Fun Fact: Kevin is a member of the band NLT"

And i was like, hmmmm let's look that up.

AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!! I can not believe i had no idea about them and WHY in the world no one else has! and the sad part is, they are no longer togther! I think they need to have a reunion concert ASAP! and you'll never guess.....ARTIE IS A FREAKIN HOTTIE! so here you go world, enjoy and love as much as i do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling the inspiration

Ok. So i have just realized how LAME my blog actually is!! i have been sitting here with my roommate, future roommates, and bff, britni and their blogs are awesome and amazing and witty and enjoyable to read! i was sitting there thinking, WTF??? how come i am the lamest blogger in the cyber world?? I can be occasionally witty and awesome and amazing and enjoyable, no? YES I CAN! So from now on i am going to write until my little heart's content and try to be more dilligent in my posting!

Ok so what should i write about...? that is the question. Maybe that is why i never write about anything because my life is so STINKIN boring! For real! do you want to know what i did today? Class, then work, then laundry at ash's house, then SYTYCD, then i tie-dyed a t-shirt while i should have been doing homework. Seriously, that is how my day ususally goes. Nothing excting. And tomorrow will consist of class, enrichment, and homework. so sad, so sad.

Here is something i will write about:

I am moving to Richmond, Virgina in January after i graduate. Why you may ask? becasue that is where all the young, single, hot, lds, med school students are, that's why!! My friend Britni is from there and apparently, there is where i can find me a husband! So i have no idea what i am going to do in richmond, or if i will be able to find any job remotely in my field, but heck, i'm 23! forget about a career! it's time for me to find me a husband that will buy me lots of things. Hence, why i am moving to Richmond. My mother thinks it is a wonderful idea.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Here are my first round of headshots!! My friend Marissa totally took these for free! she is amazing!! so enjoy and please comment and tell me your favorites!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


AHHH people climbing the ropes course.....I was freaking out on the ground just watching them!

me and my future roommate, Tiffany!!

Friends climbing the ropes course, scary!!

Me and Britni
Haha! i finally took pictures of somethings that have been going on around here at school! I took pictures of some of my friends doing the ropes course for one of our ward activities!

So here are some highlights that have happened this semester:

-I started my second to last semester of college!!!
-I have made a lot of friends this semester and i actually have a social life? crazy i know!
-I was called as the RS prez in my student ward....
-SYTYCD is just as amazing as ever and i watch it religiously!
-I work on campus in the Religion dept which is so much fun!

That's all that's going on! wow i have a sad life....