Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post-Grad Life...

So I graduated. Yep, i have a college degree. I have a degree in one of the most difficult subjects that one can study. And i am patiently waiting for it to come in the mail, so that is might actually seem real! So how is my post-grad life going? So good. I have done nothing but get ready for the mish. It has been an interesting process: trying to find cute mission appropriate attire, try to pick only TWO, TWOOOO pair of shoes (that was HARD! i love my shoes...), buying a bike (weird). But i'm basically done with all of it. Now i just sit for four weeks and TRY to relax while i am biding my time. It should be good. I AM excited to go, but i'm kind of starting to get nervous. I am excited for the amazing opportunites that i am going to have in the next 18months, and for the people i'm going to meet and the opportunity to be able to grow closer to my Savior. So....i'm a bit bored, but trying to stay productive. I did laundry today, went for a jog, checked my email....yes my life is exciting! I hope that i will have the opportunity to keep my blog going so that i can share my experiences with you! It just depends on the amount of time i have once a week to write emails to the fam, and write on here!

I hope all goes well!!! And if you want my address, let me know and i will provide!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is my problem??

Ok. so i know i am 24. i know that i am about to obtain a Bachelor's in Music. So why do i love boy bands so much? You got me. The music is technically not amazing or new, but something about them just makes me happy. So, introducing a new favorite of mine.....V-FACTORY! (yeah, lame name, but awesome music!) I would like to thank my advanced Jazz teacher, Sister Bone for introducing this band to me. We are dancing to this song for the showcase next week. So here you go. Know it, Live it, Love it....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Sister Holmes....

I have recieved my mission call! I recieved it on Nov. 5th, the day after my birthday! I have been called to serve in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission. I report to the MTC Feb.10th! I am really excited. I know some might want to hear the story, so here it goes:

I decided pretty swiftly that i wanted/need to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The day after i decided to go, i go the swine flu, so that gave me a LOT of free time. I got my papers done in FIVE days (which it ususally takes like two months to do...I'm just awesome that way) I got my call a week and a half later. A bunch of friends came over, and my sister's family and i web cammed with the parents so they could see me open it. Everyone told me that i COULD NOT read ahead! And i said, "I'll try my hardest not too, but i'm not making any promises!" And i did read aheadn, WHOOPS! I read it and i couldn't speeak. I became emotional and had an instant confirmation that that is where the Lord needed me. So i choked out the words, and there you go! I think i cried for the next two hours whenever i told anyone! The following are some pictures from me opening it....I am all red and splotchy from the tears, so excuse the mess! if you want my mission address, let me know and i will get it to you!

Looking at all the ugly clothes i get to wear for 18 months......

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Hope they Call Me on a Mission.....

For those of you that have not heard.....


Yeah, i know, crazy right? I decided about two weeks ago to serve and my papers have been in for about a week! I still have not gotten my head wrapped around this idea AT ALL! my mind is being blown! I will let everyone know where i am going when i get my call. I know i will not get it this week, but hopefully next week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the Burg

Hey, i stink at this whole blogging thing. But a quick update:

I'm back in rexburg! Back to school, hopefully my last semester! I wish i had like some cool story, but my life is not that exciting. Just school, church, and work.

My roommates this semester are AMAZING!!! I love them to pieces! we already have a lot of fun together. My roommates are Tiff (from montana and has the most amazing laugh ever!), Mallory (from texas, who cracks me up!!), and Jennie (also from texas who is so super sweet and makes the best brownies ever!!). All three of them are returned missionaries, so i'm the odd ball in this situation. It's nice that we are all the same age and that we all are really chill and have our own schedules. Some of our favorite past times (so far) include watching A LOT of TV, playing crazy nines (OH MY GOSH) and eating a lot.

I think this semester is going to be a good one to end on!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home, sweet home

I am Home!! it is nice to be where there is green trees, humidity, chick-fil-a, and people with Jesus signs in their yard. I forgot how AWESOME the south is. I have just been working at the office since i've been home. Mom and dad are in Switzerland for their 30th Anniversary, so i have had the house to myself this past week. And let me tell you....I AM BORED! Wherever i move to after i graduate, i am going to have to live where people my age are! I need some interaction! i think i have been bugging all my friends that are in other states because i am so bored. Luckily, tomorrow night i am going to see one of my good friends from high school who i haven't seen in like three years!! I am so excited, she is super cute.

Oh yeah....if there is anyone that wants to give me a free plane ticket to Richmond, VA, i will gladly accept! I am in dyer need to see my Britni and meet all these boys she keeps talking about!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tiff, Brit, and Leah

I MISS MY GIRLS LIKE CRAZY!!!! i am going through major withdrawls! It has not even been a week and i am going out of my mind with out my ladies! I have no idea how i am going to last the rest of the 6 1/2 weeks and then i will be sweetly reunited with Tiff (which is going to be amazing, i have a feeling) but not with BRIT! what the crap am i going to do with out her?? I think there was not a day that went by that i did not spend with her this past semester. WHY WERE WE NOT FRIENDS LAST SEMESTER? Oh the cruelities of life. Who is going to watch SYTYCD with me every wed and thurs night?? All i have to live for is our webcam dates that hopefully happen soon!! MY LADIES: I MISS YOU!!!!