Thursday, June 4, 2009


AHHH people climbing the ropes course.....I was freaking out on the ground just watching them!

me and my future roommate, Tiffany!!

Friends climbing the ropes course, scary!!

Me and Britni
Haha! i finally took pictures of somethings that have been going on around here at school! I took pictures of some of my friends doing the ropes course for one of our ward activities!

So here are some highlights that have happened this semester:

-I started my second to last semester of college!!!
-I have made a lot of friends this semester and i actually have a social life? crazy i know!
-I was called as the RS prez in my student ward....
-SYTYCD is just as amazing as ever and i watch it religiously!
-I work on campus in the Religion dept which is so much fun!

That's all that's going on! wow i have a sad life....