Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post-Grad Life...

So I graduated. Yep, i have a college degree. I have a degree in one of the most difficult subjects that one can study. And i am patiently waiting for it to come in the mail, so that is might actually seem real! So how is my post-grad life going? So good. I have done nothing but get ready for the mish. It has been an interesting process: trying to find cute mission appropriate attire, try to pick only TWO, TWOOOO pair of shoes (that was HARD! i love my shoes...), buying a bike (weird). But i'm basically done with all of it. Now i just sit for four weeks and TRY to relax while i am biding my time. It should be good. I AM excited to go, but i'm kind of starting to get nervous. I am excited for the amazing opportunites that i am going to have in the next 18months, and for the people i'm going to meet and the opportunity to be able to grow closer to my Savior. So....i'm a bit bored, but trying to stay productive. I did laundry today, went for a jog, checked my email....yes my life is exciting! I hope that i will have the opportunity to keep my blog going so that i can share my experiences with you! It just depends on the amount of time i have once a week to write emails to the fam, and write on here!

I hope all goes well!!! And if you want my address, let me know and i will provide!