Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling the inspiration

Ok. So i have just realized how LAME my blog actually is!! i have been sitting here with my roommate, future roommates, and bff, britni and their blogs are awesome and amazing and witty and enjoyable to read! i was sitting there thinking, WTF??? how come i am the lamest blogger in the cyber world?? I can be occasionally witty and awesome and amazing and enjoyable, no? YES I CAN! So from now on i am going to write until my little heart's content and try to be more dilligent in my posting!

Ok so what should i write about...? that is the question. Maybe that is why i never write about anything because my life is so STINKIN boring! For real! do you want to know what i did today? Class, then work, then laundry at ash's house, then SYTYCD, then i tie-dyed a t-shirt while i should have been doing homework. Seriously, that is how my day ususally goes. Nothing excting. And tomorrow will consist of class, enrichment, and homework. so sad, so sad.

Here is something i will write about:

I am moving to Richmond, Virgina in January after i graduate. Why you may ask? becasue that is where all the young, single, hot, lds, med school students are, that's why!! My friend Britni is from there and apparently, there is where i can find me a husband! So i have no idea what i am going to do in richmond, or if i will be able to find any job remotely in my field, but heck, i'm 23! forget about a career! it's time for me to find me a husband that will buy me lots of things. Hence, why i am moving to Richmond. My mother thinks it is a wonderful idea.


Jennifer said...

Sorry, just getting around to posting comments. So Virginia, huh? Sounds exciting! Good luck with the whole "getting a husband thing". We are excited about you graduating in December.