Monday, November 10, 2008

Twenty-two No more

Last week was my birthday! it was actually a pretty chill day. i worked, voted, and went out to eat at Dumplins (aka the best restaurant EVER) with my parents. I got an ipod, and i think it is the best invention in the whole world.

This past weekend, i met my friend Sharaya in nashville to have a birthday weekend extravaganza! it was so fun. we SHOPPED AND SHOPPED!! i got some really cute outfits. we had some adventures. We went into a FREAKIN scary piggly wiggly (sharaya's idea) and we got to experience taco night with some of the nashville YSA's. I'm glad i got to go and see her! i miss her like crazy and it was nice to hang out with people my age (which rarely happens while i'm in jackson).

As i reflect as i am a year old, nothing too exciting happened this past year. It was pretty chill. I got to experience the UT life, and i have worked more than i have ever worked in my life! All in all, i think i did a lot of personal growing and have truly discovered who i am. So hopefully my 23rd year will be just as sucessful!

And now for you that have sat and read this, here is a treat: my new favorite song as of right now: