Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tiff, Brit, and Leah

I MISS MY GIRLS LIKE CRAZY!!!! i am going through major withdrawls! It has not even been a week and i am going out of my mind with out my ladies! I have no idea how i am going to last the rest of the 6 1/2 weeks and then i will be sweetly reunited with Tiff (which is going to be amazing, i have a feeling) but not with BRIT! what the crap am i going to do with out her?? I think there was not a day that went by that i did not spend with her this past semester. WHY WERE WE NOT FRIENDS LAST SEMESTER? Oh the cruelities of life. Who is going to watch SYTYCD with me every wed and thurs night?? All i have to live for is our webcam dates that hopefully happen soon!! MY LADIES: I MISS YOU!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


THANK GOODNESS! SYTYCD has finally started kickin it up!!! The past two weeks has been amazing! I love this show. Here are some of my favs from the season:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who needs a date when there is TETRIS??

Curse you facebook, CURSE YOU! So my LOVELY friend britni introduced me to the tetris application on facebook. I was thinking, "Oh cool, tetris. What an amazing game. Maybe i'll try it." It was the worst decision of my life, because for the rest of my life, all i will be doing is playing that dag-gone game of freakin tetris. so i am going to try to talk my self out of it. Here is the reasons it is BAD to play tetris:

1. They show your score compared to your "friends". I am really competitive. So OF COURSE i have to beat everyone.

2. It sucks you completely in for FOUR HOURS. That's right i played tetris for FOUR straight hours. Sad

3. Consequently because of reason #2, i now have carpel tunnel. For real, it is killing me to type this.

4. Every time you do not beat your own personal score, the screen flashes "Great Game!" hence at that point you want to chuck your computer at the wall, hence having to buy a new computer, hence becoming poor. So TETRIS=BEING POOR

I hate tetris. Tetris is lame. Who needs to play tetris? hmmmm, i have nothing to do at 1:45am.....I think i'll go play some tetris.