Monday, June 22, 2009

So maybe i am a 15?? This is sad

Ok. Give me a break here. Just because i'm 23 does not mean that i can not enjoy the occassional barely legal boy band, right? Well too bad. Here is my new obsession! It is the band that is no longer together called NLT. Here is how i discovered them:

I was watching the Pilot of the BEST NEW SHOW called GLEE and i was curious if i had seen any of the characters in anything else. so i went on my new favorite webstie, (internation movie database, I KNOW, AMAZING) and looked their past entertainment histories. I looked up Kevin Mchale who plays Artie (the kid in the wheelchair) and it said something along these lines:

"Fun Fact: Kevin is a member of the band NLT"

And i was like, hmmmm let's look that up.

AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!! I can not believe i had no idea about them and WHY in the world no one else has! and the sad part is, they are no longer togther! I think they need to have a reunion concert ASAP! and you'll never guess.....ARTIE IS A FREAKIN HOTTIE! so here you go world, enjoy and love as much as i do.


Anonymous said...

You interested in robbing the cradle Leah???